ERP team on the ground for ensuring the survival of a Cheetah, a magnificent endangered animal

On the 12 of July 2016, Grant a manager on the Madikwe farm project was taking the staff to work when he came across this adult female cheetah on our property. As is evident the Cheetah is collared and he immediately contacted NWP (North West Parks) APU (Anti-poaching Unit) manager, Declan Hofmeyer. The safety of the Cheetah was of significant concern as our property is still in the process of being physically incorporated into Madikwe Game Reserve and is unfenced and if the cheetah disappeared and could not be relocated there is a high probability of a very unfortunate outcome should the animal have caught any livestock in the region.

The ERP team on the farm was able to keep tabs on the Cheetah through physically tracking the animal over the property and, after a worrying 24 hr period, the team together with NWP was able to dart the Cheetah safely. Last evening the Cheetah was released back in the Madikwe Game Reserve and is fit and healthy.

A great outcome and a credit to the ERP team on the ground for ensuring the survival of this magnificent endangered animal. This is the only female cheetah currently on Madikwe Game reserve so to have her back on the reserve is of great relief to everyone involved.